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Build Your Future with a STEM Degree

Where Can a STEM Degree Take You?

Start with a STEM major, then go anywhere.

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In-demand skills, high earnings, and career flexibility start with STEM 

When you study science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) at a US university, you earn a versatile degree that fast-tracks your exciting career at global employers. Want to work on voice-recognition software, create the next top-selling app, or forecast major opportunities for the world’s most innovative companies? It all starts with a STEM major: Top-ranked STEM degree programs at Shorelight universities include artificial intelligence, business analytics, data analytics, software engineering, and so much more — discover the world of possibilities that await when you get a STEM bachelor’s or master’s degree in the USA. 

median salary for IT managers (2021)
projected job growth by 2028
tech companies founded per year that reach $100MM in revenue
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“My advisor always prepared one step ahead for all situations: the best ways to find job opportunities, grab them on time, and make connections.”

YashiMS, Electrical Engineering, CPT participant, University of the Pacific