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5 Reasons Not to Defer in Spring 2021

Do not delay: Your students can enroll in January and stay on track with their studies.

This year has been challenging for our international students. From travel delays to safety concerns, COVID has most likely disrupted their plans to study in the US. However, there are many good reasons for your students to enroll this spring! Shorelight’s focus has always been your students' success and we are committed to help them stay on track and begin their studies in January. 

Here are five reasons why your students should not defer. 

1. Embassies Are Open 

While monitoring the current situation, many US embassies and consulates around the world are reopening. Refer to our list of US embassies and consulates that are open and currently available for visa appointments. If you need support, we are here to assist you with your students’ visa applications, every step of the way. 

2. Visa Success Rates Are Promising

Shorelight has a strong track record in obtaining student visas. Your students can benefit from our counselors’ expertise and established relationships to put their best visa application forward and navigate the visa process successfully.

3. Virtual Start Options Give Your Students Flexibility 

With American Collegiate Live and digital learning options from many Shorelight universities, your students have the opportunity to begin their studies virtually — without delay. Spring 2021 Virtual and On Campus start options are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Through our Live technology, your students can learn from faculty at top-ranked universities, get recognized credits, and take part in a digital classroom experience that rivals being on campus. Depending on their program, your students may be able to apply for virtual internship opportunities and build their resume, completely remote, with our CAP Premier program.

Initially, I was confused whether to choose Live classes or defer to the next semester. [With Live classes], what I felt [was] different from others is classes are taught [with] real-time scenarios. Every week interaction with university advisors are scheduled, so that if any student is facing any issue, they have a platform to solve it.” — Sunanya, India

4. Scholarships Are Available

For your students, starting their studies in spring (instead of waiting until fall) is a more cost-effective option due to competitive exchange rates and spring scholarships. Students are more likely to receive larger scholarship offers. However, most of these scholarships have a spring deadline — so remember to act fast! 

5. Health and Safety Is Our Priority

Shorelight universities are committed to building a safe and welcoming learning environment. Our universities and colleges have taken extensive precautions to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. With regularly updated COVID-related policies based on the latest knowledge and guidelines, our universities offer a mix of in-person and online classes, social distancing protocols, and accessible health services, so your students can have peace of mind while they pursue their degrees.

Do Not Defer — Help Your Students Stay on Track

Learn how a Spring 2021 start can benefit your students. Reach out to a Shorelight representative >