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Campus Updates for Fall 2020

COVID-19 has impacted visa availability and travel plans. Here are our latest updates for the Fall 2020 intake.

When can I get to campus?

We know that you are hearing this question every day from international students. With so many conflicting messages about visa availability and campus closures, it can be a challenge to stay informed and prepared. We are here to help.

We are working to get your students to campus as soon as possible, in ways that ensure their health and safety. For Fall 2020, there are two options for international students

  1.  On Campus Fall Semester 

    If students are already in the US with a valid visa, they can start their studies on campus in August.

    For students located outside of the US, not restricted from travel, and who are able to secure a visa for this fall, they will start their studies on campus in August or in October (if available—see list of our Partners offering October start dates here).

  2. Virtual Fall Semester

    If students are outside of the US, restricted from travel, or are unable to get a visa for this fall, they will begin their studies virtually with American Collegiate Live and arrive on campus in spring 2021.

    This allows your students to start earning credits towards their degree from home, with real-time instruction and bilingual assistance, plus personalized guidance for a seamless transition to campus in the spring.

Based on our deep expertise in international education, and our dedicated government affairs and enrollment servicesteams, we strongly advise students who are outside the US to plan for Option 2: Virtual Fall Semester, and expect to start their fall semester virtually through American Collegiate Live

With this in mind, your students located outside of the US will begin to receive a study plan and invoicing that will reflect a virtual fall semester through American Collegiate Live with an arrival on campus in the spring. 

We will keep you closely informed as this situation evolves. Should circumstances change, we will be in touch immediately, and help ensure your students are on track for an I-20 and visa appointment. Shorelight support then continues all the way to campus and graduation. 

If you have any questions, please reach out. We are committed to helping your students on their journey to studying at a US university. 

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