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Exciting Announcement: Shorelight Live at the University of California, Berkeley

Shorelight Live has partnered with UC Berkeley to launch an exciting new pre-master’s engineering program.

We are pleased to announce the UC Berkeley Engineering Master’s Prep (EMP) Program is now accepting applications for Summer 2020. 

Get a competitive edge to elite graduate schools 

In just five weeks, students in the EMP Program will gain a competitive edge for admission to elite graduate engineering programs in the US.

Enabled by our Shorelight Live technology platform, students will connect with UC Berkeley Engineering professors and classmates around the world to complete this intensive preparatory program from home.

 Throughout the course, students will:

  • Study foundational engineering concepts during weekly course sessions taught by leading UC Berkeley faculty

  • Earn a certificate of achievement and a reference letter from the Program Director of the EMP at UC Berkeley College of Engineering

  • Receive graduate school counseling upon program completion 

Applications are due by June 10, 2020.

The EMP Program is currently optimized for China, India, and United States time zones, with other time zones soon to come.

For more details on the program structure, admissions requirements, and UC Berkeley faculty, please watch our short video on the UC EMP Program or email