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Expanded US University Portfolio Offered through Shorelight

By Shorelight Team
Last updated on June 21, 2022

Students, counselors, and universities connect more easily with Shorelight technology.

With increasing demand for US university degrees among global employers, alongside enthusiastic interest from students to attend college in the USA, it’s never been more important to connect international students and parents with expert counselors and universities looking to optimize their global recruitment efforts. 

Of course, in order to be effective and actionable, these connections need to be simple, well targeted, and accessible from anywhere in the world. That’s where Shorelight comes in. We are now collaborating with more US universities to offer standard entry admissions opportunities. Universities working with Shorelight will receive applications through our Admissions Portal, and will have seamless access to international students through innovative tools. 

What Types of Universities Recruit International Students through Shorelight?

Two categories of universities – Member and Signature – collaborate with Shorelight to recruit international students.  

Signature Universities

Signature Universities offer Shorelight’s award-nominated student services and personalized programs, designed to support international students from application through enrollment. Signature universities provide enhanced services ranging from a streamlined admissions process and visa preparation to dedicated post-enrollment academic support and Accelerator programs.*

Signature University services may include:

  • Application assistance

  • Tailored visa preparation

  • Campus transition support

  • Academic support

  • Career development

  • Campus programming

Member Universities

Member Universities are Standard Entry admissions process only and collaborate with Shorelight on recruitment and marketing efforts.

With Member Universities, Shorelight accepts initial applications through the Admissions Portal, conducts the first application review, and then submits applications to the university for final review. 

What to know about Member Universities:

  • Shorelight is unable to provide admissions status updates or answer pre-arrival questions after an application is submitted.

  • Member Universities issue admissions decisions and handle all communications with applicants.

  • Counselors should contact Member Universities directly with any questions.

At a Glance: Member Universities and Signature University Admissions Processes

How to Determine University Categories on the Shorelight Platform

How will you know whether a particular school is a Member or Signature university? 

On, look for a lantern! 

Signature Universities will have a lantern icon and their specific offerings listed on their School at a Glance page.

Member Universities will not have a lantern icon and will not have Signature Services listed on their School at a Glance page.

In the Admissions Portal, you will see Shorelight’s schools organized by their respective categories, so you can easily understand which type of university you and your students are applying to – and who will be communicating with them during the application, review, and enrollment processes.

We’re thrilled to launch these new collaborations. No matter your role in supporting international education, you’ll find that Shorelight offers easy, effective tools that put your goals within reach.

Reach out to your Shorelight representative to learn more >

*Programs may vary by university.