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CAP Premier: Virtual Internship Opportunities for Graduate Students

Shorelight is excited to offer remote internship opportunities to graduate students—a new way to gain real-world experience and career skills with US companies.

We are proud to announce the launch of CAP Premier, a virtual internship program designed to help international graduate students gain valuable work experience for their resumes. Internships are temporary workplace training programs, available to university students for a predetermined period of time.

CAP Premier enables graduate students to enhance their Career Accelerator Program (CAP) experience by taking additional CAP courses and applying for eight-week virtual internship opportunities starting in September. 

CAP Premier students benefit from: 

  • Industry-specific skills training and real-life work experiences at growing companies

  • Mentorship from industry experts 

  • Remote work skills training including skills in software/platforms

  • Cross-cultural competencies development and high-touch Career Accelerator curriculum 

  • Global networking opportunities, including access to exclusive employer events 

  • Certificates in design thinking and global citizenship

  • Hands-on trainings in computer software and academic research

Upon successful completion of the qualified CAP Premier program, graduate students will receive a recommendation letter and certificate of completion, signed by the employer.  

Plus, students are still eligible for the full duration of OPT and CPT once they arrive in the US!

I would recommend this [internship] to international students like me. I think this remote [internship] is very attractive in itself. I believe the flexible schedules and performance-based work provide great opportunities for students to test their own potential.”—Dami, University of Central Oklahoma, '20 

CAP Premier virtual internship opportunities span a variety of industries including banking, business analytics, data science, digital marketing, finance, fundraising and foundation research, gaming, marketing, real estate technology, social media market intelligence, and venture capital.

For more information, reach out to your Shorelight recruiter.