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Introducing CSU Live: A New Shorelight Live Master’s Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of CSU Live—an innovative graduate program allowing students to begin their coursework in their home country via our Live-to-Device digital learning platform, then complete their remaining master’s degree on campus in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

CSU Live offers two STEM-designated graduate programs

Master of Computer Science (MCS) 

Master of Information System (MIS) 

Students will start their master’s program before transitioning to campus:

  • Enroll for Fall 2020—no study delays or interruptions.

  • Earn credits and get a head start before they arrive to study in the USA.

  • Take advantage of academic, social, and career services once on campus.

Experience a digital classroom that rivals being there:

  • Not just another online program—students will learn from top-ranked CSU faculty in a rigorous and collaborative environment.

  • Students engage with professors and classmates in real time, and get more interaction than in a traditional classroom.

  • Students receive bilingual support for academic coursework with a local team.

Enjoy a flexible and affordable program, designed especially for international students:

  • Stay on track with their degree—study from wherever they call home.

  • Save money—students only pay tuition while enrolled in CSU Live.

  • Get help from a dedicated counselor on how to apply for their F-1 visa.


How can your students enroll?

Students and counselors should simply continue—or begin—their graduate application to one of these programs through our Shorelight Admissions Portal.

Tell your students about CSU Live today! Please click here for more information.