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Introducing UDayton Live: Offering STEM-Designated Graduate Programs

The UDayton Live program offers students a new way to earn their degree using innovative programming and a cutting-edge digital learning platform. Students can take advantage of all the amenities of a top-tier education—including language support and career services, renowned faculty, and real-time interactions with classmates and instructors.

UDayton Live offers two STEM-designated graduate programs:

  • Master of Computer Science

  • Master of Engineering Management 

Students can explore two graduate degree options available through UDayton Live: 

Master’s Degree Program 

  • Take two semesters of their graduate education from home before transitioning to campus to complete their degree program.

  • Earn credits and get a head start before they arrive in the US.

  • Explore remote internship opportunities during their Live program studies.

  • Qualify for OPT work and internship opportunities after they transition to campus.

Flexible Master’s Degree Program 

  • Complete their last year of undergraduate studies from home while working toward their master’s through UDayton Live, then transition to campus and complete their graduate degree on campus.

  • Earn a graduate-level degree via UDayton Live, saving tuition costs and study time.

  • Qualify for OPT work and internship opportunities after coming to campus.

Tell your students about UDayton Live today! Please click here for more information.