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Introducing UofSC Live: New Graduate Business Programs

We are pleased to announce the launch of UofSC Live—a flexible two-track graduate program for students to begin their coursework in their home country via our Live-to-Device digital learning platform.

When students study with the University of South Carolina’s live-to-device digital classroom experience, they will earn credits toward a master’s degree in international business and gain a competitive edge toward admission to elite business programs. This part-time program is intended to accommodate your students’ educational goals, or enable them to grow in their current professional role.

This flexible program has two tracks:

  • Master's Start Business Your students can study one semester and earn six credit hours, with two core graduate courses that can be applied toward the Global Strategy Certificate, a master’s degree in business, or to stand out among applicants in their next professional role.

  • Global Strategy Certificate Students will study two semesters and earn twelve credit hours, completing the requirements of the Global Strategy Certificate. These courses can then be applied toward the Master in International Business degree from UofSC’s highly ranked business school.

Upon successful completion of the Global Strategy Certificate, students will be invited to apply to the full degree program and complete their master’s degree on campus in Columbia, South Carolina, US. Alternatively, they can explore other opportunities with a graduate certificate and transcript from UofSC.

How can your students enroll?

Students and counselors can complete the UofSC Live form to learn more through our UofSC webpage. Tell your students about UofSC Live today!