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PTE Academic and Shorelight Partner Up!

Learn about our partnership with Pearson and how we plan to offer US-bound students a greater choice of English Language tests.

Shorelight is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Pearson, the world’s learning company, to offer offer PTE Academic as an English language test option across Shorelight’s many programs, applicants, and partner universities.

PTE Academic is a leading global English language test for those who want to study or work abroad and need to prove their English language skills for acceptance to university or for migration. It is already accepted by thousands of universities and academic programs in the USA, including Columbia, Harvard, NYU, Princeton, and Yale.

“We know PTE Academic is becoming the preferred test for many students,” said Meredith Stokes, US Recognition Director, PTE Academic. “Our partnership with Shorelight will enable us to reach wider numbers of USA-bound students and leading universities. Shorelight works with a wide-ranging partnership of leading US universities, many of whom recognize PTE Academic already, and we look forward to partnering with them to open up the option of using our test across the others.”

“We are partnering with PTE Academic to give students access to as many channels as possible to take a secure English test,” said Ben Woody, Assistant Director, Admissions at Shorelight. “While PTE continues to grow their global footprint, our partnership will increase opportunities for students to discover, study, and achieve a degree from top-ranked universities in the United States.”