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SEVP Guidelines Update: Shorelight Partner Universities Accept Transfer Credits

Shorelight partner universities have solutions in place for students impacted by the recent SEVP Fall 2020 guidelines. Learn which schools offer hybrid and in-person classes, plus the latest transfer requirements.

July 14 update: The Trump administration has rescinded last week’s new SEVP regulations, announcing that international students will not be required to attend in-person classes in order to be eligible for an F-1 visa.

More than 180 universities and 17 states joined a lawsuit to challenge the recommendations, and this reversal sends a strong message: The US values international students and is committed to championing access to our educational institutions, for all who want to study here.

We will continue to update you as the situation evolves, and if you have immediate questions, please reach out to your Shorelight representative. 


July 7:

New SEVP guidelines require international students to take classes in person or via hybrid instruction in order to remain in the US this fall. Hybrid refers to a mixture of in-person classes on campus plus online courses.

Additionally, most universities are not offering fall break and shifting to fully online courses and final exams after Thanksgiving break, and some are ending the semester and having finals before the break. All universities have student, faculty, and staff health as a top priority and have published their return to campus plans online.

For international students who want to stay in the US but are enrolled at campuses that have gone online only in response to coronavirus concerns, SEVP recommends these impacted students transfer to a campus in compliance. In response, many counselors have requested information regarding transfer options for impacted students. 

Shorelight has the opportunity to welcome transfer students into a number of our campuses that have hybrid or in-person options this fall, and we offer flexible transfer credit requirements to address these changing circumstances.

Participating universities and transfer credit requirements are as follows: 

For questions regarding specific on-campus start dates, hybrid class structures, and individual credit transfers, please reach out to your Shorelight representative. If you are ready to apply for transfers on behalf of your students, please visit our Admissions Portal.

We will continue to update you as we learn more. As always, we are here to help your students continue their US degree studies—and are committed to putting students first.

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