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Shorelight Support During COVID-19

By Shorelight Team
Last updated on July 13, 2021

Check out Shorelight’s initiatives to support international students during COVID-19.

At Shorelight, our mission is to ensure student success. During the COVID-19 crisis, our primary focus is on the health and safety of our students—and, where possible, to help them continue their studies without interruption. 

Prospective students

“Students first” is the foundation of everything we do. The following list highlights programs and opportunities for prospective students to maintain their US university study plans. 

1. American Collegiate Live (AC Live)

  • Allows students to start classes now in a digital classroom

  • Students receive live instruction with faculty at top-ranked universities

  • Students get more engagement with instructors than in a traditional in-person setting

  • Students can start online and maintain their study plans, no delays or interruptions

2. Expanded English language testing options

3. Adjusted dates

4. Digital connections

5. Digital options added to existing partnerships

We are currently working with many of our existing partners to deliver their programs over our Live digital classroom experience. Stay tuned to see which university partners will be bringing some of their programs Live!

6. For Parents

Current students

Our university campus teams have been in constant contact with our international students to ensure they stay connected, informed, and engaged. 

1. Logistical and emotional support

  • Care packages

  • Online counseling sessions

  • Daily virtual town halls

  • Career support

University partners

For universities transitioning to digital-first offerings, our American Collegiate Live program and international student support services allows any university to provide high-quality academics and advising for their incoming international students.  

1. American Collegiate Live

2. New digital partnerships with top US universities

For more information, reach out to