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Shorelight Stands with Ukraine

By Shorelight Team
Last updated on April 6, 2022

Shorelight is taking steps to support Ukrainian students, channel partners, and employees. Check the latest updates and learn how you can get involved.

We at Shorelight stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine – our colleagues, students, partners, and friends. In light of this crisis, Shorelight has taken the following steps, to date, to support those affected by this conflict. 

Resources for Students

Current Students

For the Ukrainian students attending Shorelight universities, our on-the-ground teams have been collaborating to address the immediate and future impacts and ensure that students have the means to continue their studies. Universities are continuing to offer financial, emotional, and educational support services, including campus-wide initiatives like the designation of Ukraine for temporary protected status and the application support for IIE grants. 

New Students

We have established the Shorelight Ukraine Scholarship Fund to offer financial support to prospective Ukrainian students who wish to study in the US. We are working with our campuses, colleagues, and more than 30 channel partners in Ukraine to support these students in need.

Admissions Flexibility 

We are currently working on I-20 and admissions flexibility at all Shorelight universities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Shorelight will also commit to a deposit refund in the event that students are not able to arrive on campus in the US, due to the crisis. Contact your local Shorelight representative for details of flexibility by campus. 

Resources for Channel Partners

Our regional team is in daily contact with our partners and are providing assistance where needed. We continue to assist our active channel partners to support summer- and fall-intending students with their study plans by fast-tracking applications, waiving non-essential documentation requirements, and coordinating visa appointments in countries where Ukrainian students have relocated.

Resources for Shorelight Staff

Shorelight has established an Employee Assistance Fund to address the current needs of our employees impacted by the invasion of Ukraine.

As events in Ukraine develop, Shorelight will continue to support creating positive change through education. We continue to work with our partners inside and outside of the higher education sector seeking broader support for those impacted by the war. Please keep checking back here for the latest updates.

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