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Spring 2021 Start Options for Undergraduate Students

Shorelight universities are working to provide our undergraduate students with the best options for undergraduate students this coming spring.

There is still a lot of uncertainty due to COVID-19, and we know many students are unsure about how to begin their US education. 

Shorelight universities are working to provide our students with the best options to study safely and securely, including both On Campus and Virtual study plans.

If students are already in the US with a valid visa, or outside of the US and are able to get a visa, we recommend they begin their studies on campus in January. If students are outside the US, and they are unable to get a visa, they can begin their studies virtually—no need to delay. 

We know students are eager to get to campus for the full US university experience, and we are here to help them. As US embassies continue to open around the world, our Enrollment Services and Global Recruitment teams are receiving daily updates and standing by to support you and your students through the visa process. 

For virtual learning options, many universities are offering virtual versions of their curriculum, either asynchronously or optimized for other time zones. Others may choose American Collegiate Live, which provides an award-nominated, real-time digital classroom experience with as much direct engagement as a traditional classroom. Plus, students receive bilingual support* for academic coursework with local counselors, courses delivered in their time zone, and recognized credits to partner universities.

Have graduate students? Learn more about our Spring Graduate Start Options here.


*American Collegiate LA’s 2021 Winter quarter application deadline is December 5, 2020 and the program start date is January 2, 2021.

PLUS: Gonzaga University 

Have students interested in our newest university - Gonzaga University? Your students can begin their studies in Spring 2021 via American Collegiate Live and head to Gonzaga's campus in fall 2021. Speak with your Shorelight representative to learn more.

*Bilingual support available in Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese, with additional languages to be added soon.