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Students Can Still Enroll in a Virtual Fall Semester

Have a student who wants to get a head start on their spring coursework? Look no further. American Collegiate Live: Session II is ready to receive applications and enroll students for an October virtual start.

With classes starting in October, American Collegiate Live: Session II is the right choice for students who are unable to travel to the US this fall and want to be prepared for success in the spring.

American Collegiate Live: Session II (Track 4) offers eight weeks of Academic English for levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Students benefit from intensive English language instruction to improve their skills and resume-building extracurricular options, preparing them to begin their degree program as early as Spring 2021!

Benefits of Session II include:

  • Top-ranked university destinations: Students who complete American Collegiate Live: Session II have the incredible opportunity to continue to any of our top-ranked Shorelight partner universities in the spring! Additionally, Gonzaga University, ranked #79 by U.S. News and World Report, is also offering qualified students the opportunity to continue to Gonzaga following their successful program completion. 

  • Extracurriculars: Not just an English program, academic extracurricular courses offer your student impressive resume builders, including hands-on project competitions through the Global Citizenship Certificate program and career workshops. 

  • Exclusive speaker series: Faculty and industry leaders from elite US education institutions and universities offer guest lectures and Q&As for students. 

  • Connectivity: No matter where students are studying, opportunities for networking and friendships are available with other international students in the program.

Students learn via the award-nominated Live platform and have bilingual support with in-time-zone program support staff. 

Deadline for applicationSeptember 28, 2020

American Collegiate Live: Masters Academic English is available to graduate students in Session II! Please contact your Shorelight representative to learn more.