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Your Guide to American Collegiate Programs

We are excited to announce the launch of American Collegiate Live—Honors and American Collegiate Live—Academy! Read on to learn more about all of our American Collegiate programs, in one easy-to-navigate page.

Whether your students want to study in the US or get accepted into a top-50 US university, American Collegiate has the right program to help them on their journey.

American Collegiate Live is taught through our award-nominated virtual learning platform and is perfect for students who are unable to travel to the US and want to get a head start earning university credits. 

American Collegiate Live → for students unable to make it to campus in the US

American Collegiate Live is the right choice for right now. While many students are unable to travel to the US, American Collegiate Live’s award-nominated digital classroom experience offers live distance learning, in real time with top professors, that makes it easy to stay on track and earn university credits before arriving on campus. American Collegiate Live has a variety of tracks to suit your students’ current academic needs and future educational goals.

American Collegiate Live—Academy → for high school students who want to get a head start

American Collegiate Live—Academy is designed for final-year secondary school students to earn valuable recognized undergraduate credits via our Live platform for freshman admission to elite destinations in the US and Canada. 

American Collegiate Live—Honors → for aspirational students who want to be admitted to an elite university

American Collegiate Live—Honors allows ambitious students to earn up to one year of valuable recognized undergraduate credits via our Live platform for transfer to a top-50 destination in the US or Canada. These students benefit from rigorous academics, expert advising, and our Honors Guarantee.

American Collegiate also offers highly successful on-campus transfer programs for students who are able to get a visa to come to the US this year, or are already here.

American Collegiate On-Campus Programs

With American Collegiate, students earn a year of recognized undergraduate-level credit and gain a competitive edge for transfer admission into elite destinations around the world, including Emory University, New York University, University of Michigan, and many more.

American Collegiate DC

At American Collegiate DC, students spend their first year in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, taking classes at top-100 American University with internationally recognized faculty. Our program is designed for international students with the drive to succeed at leading worldwide institutions and the confidence to immerse themselves in a rigorous preparatory environment.

American Collegiate Los Angeles

At American Collegiate Los Angeles, students spend their first year in the entertainment capital of the world: Los Angeles, California. All students admitted to the American Collegiate Los Angeles program are automatically enrolled into the UCLA Extension General Studies Certificate program, earning UCLA equivalent credits. Upon successful completion of American Collegiate Los Angeles and the requirements of the UCLA Extension General Studies Certificate program, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from UCLA Extension—a credential that stands out among other transfer applicants. 

With American Collegiate, the opportunities are endless. Please reach out to your Shorelight representative to discuss which programs are right for your students.